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MP opposes motion submitted by MP in same party

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – A  National Democratic Force (NDF) member of the Burmese Parliament opposed a motion by a MP in his own party on Tuesday to extend free education to the secondary level.

The proposal and opposition took place in the Lower House and was perhaps a sign of what some fellow members of Parliament said on Tuesday was confusion, or incompetence, regarding the duties and procedures required of MPs.

Khaing Maung Yi, an NDF MP from Ahlone Township, submitted a proposal to provide free education up to the secondary level for all students, only to see Kyi Myint, an NDF MP from Latha Township, speak against the measure, according to an MP who attended the session.

Khin Wai Kyi, an NDF MP in the Upper House, said that it was clear that the party was not unified in regard to how to go about achieving its goals.

‘Recently, our party instructed our MPs to submit copies of our parliamentary proposals to party leaders and get the party’s permission before submitting a proposal to Parliament. This dispute shows that they don’t have party discipline’, she said.

A fellow MP said it was clear the two MPs had different ideas about free education and how to implement it. Another MP told Mizzima that Khaing Maung Yi’s proposal was not clear, which led to Kyi Myint’s opposition, saying that even some rich countries could not provide free education up to the secondary level.

The MP said the motion also called for the country’s education system to meet international standards.

One of the priorities of the  NDF party is to establish free education up to secondary level.

During the Lower House session on Tuesday, Tun Myint Oo, an MP in the Shan Nationalities Democratic Party (SNDP), submitted a motion to perform a census in Shan State. SNDP MP Nan Wa Nu spoke in support of the proposal.

In the Upper House on Tuesday, an MP asked Finance and Revenue Minister Hla Tun if the government could provide basic food allotments to government employees and their families. The minister responded that it was not possible.   

Responding to a question, Border Affairs Minister Khin Maung Myint said roads in Arakan State and Chin State would be improved.

On Wednesday, discussions in both houses  will reportedly include retirement pensions and farmers’ affairs.

Both houses will be in recess on Thursday and Friday to commemorate Dabaung, a full moon day, which falls on Saturday, March 19,  this year, in which people donate food to monks and attend religious ceremonies.

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