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Some MPs not prepared to raise questions and make motions

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Criticism is growing among some members of the Burmese Parliament, who say the level of questions and motions raised by fellow MPs does not meet recognized international standards.

The level of questions and motions in the newly formed Burmese Parliament is below international standards, say some fellow MPs. The new Parliament building is shown in this file photo. (Photo: MRTV)Question hours started in both houses of Parliament on March 9, but the sophistication of the questions and motions is frequently very low, say some MPs.

‘They raise questions without understanding the subjects’, said one MP. ‘You can imagine what happens when motions and questions are moved and raised. Some questions and motions are beyond their abilities; some questions are silly and some MPs who raise questions are not smart enough or prepared’, a MP told Mizzima.

MP Khin Waing Kyi of the National Democratic Force (NDF) party said she agreed with such criticism, saying someone who had personal experience on a topic would demonstrate more understanding of the issues.

‘Any person who practically tackles these issues will understand more than these MPs’, she said. ‘The people who handle and tackle the facts are better prepared than others, it’s natural’, she said.

Generally, many MPs are just passing on what they’ve heard about from their constituents, she said.

‘For instance, they know water supply is a problem in their constituency but they don’t know anything about the reasons for the shortage. They don’t know these subjects well so naturally their questions and motions are weak’, she said.

During the Monday session in the Lower House, Chin State Hakha constituency MP Ngun Maung asked if the government had any plans for more development work in Hakha, the Chin State capital. In reply, Border Affairs and Development Affairs Minister Thin Nyunt answered that planned development work had been completed.

During the Upper House session, MP Pau Lian Lwin asked about government plans for repairing Gangaw Road in Chin State. Construction Minister Khin Maung Myint replied that repairs would be done in accordance with the availability of funds.

An MP raised a question about the government building a cement manufacturing plant in Rakhine State, in order to take advantage of a limestone mountain in the region. Industry Minister Aung Thaung answered that it was not feasible to build a cement factory in the area based on government studies.

The responses made by ministers to questions raised in Parlimament are reported verbatim in the state-run daily newspapers.
A motion to raise the monthly pension pay will be moved on Tuesday, according to MPs.

MPs in the Upper House said questions to be raised on Tuesday included regional development and roads and the upgrading of the railroad service.

A Lower House MP said that question on free education and a census in Shan State would be raised on Tuesday.

Both houses of  Parliament met for about four hours.

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