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Dozens injured in township office collapse

Bangkok (Mizzima) – The collapse of an old two-storey building that housed the Township Peace and Development Council (TPDC) in Thanatpin Township in Pegu Division seriously injured 26 people, at least two seriously, on February 28, according to local residents.

Two people were taken to Rangoon Hospital. The other injured were taken to the Thanatpin Township Hospital and Pegu Hospital.

Many township officials, including the chairman of the TPDC, were in the building when it collapsed.

‘The building was built in the British colony era’, said a resident. ‘The floor was made of both wood and bricks. It was a payday, and the chairman organised a meeting with other township officials.

‘There were many people on the first floor and the floor could not bear the weight and it collapsed into the ground floor’, he said.

On March 2, the chairman of the Pegu Regional Peace and Development Council, Brigadier General Soe Htut, reportedly went to the Thanatpin Township and gave 100,000 kyat (US$ 100) to each person injured.  In addition, each injured person reportedly received 20,000 kyat ($20) from various governmental departments to pay the cost of medical treatment, according to the residents.

The TPDC office has opened in temporary premises on the ground floor of the building, according residents.

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