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NLD support increases after Suu Kyi’s release

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – The National League for Democracy (NLD) party is more popular than ever, but there is still great fear among many people. That’s the message heard by NLD organising committee members from townships branches in Rangoon Division, who met at party headquarters this week.

Aung San Suu Kyi says the NLD could be more effective in removing people's fear in expressing their ideas and opinions. Photo : MizzimaPeople who would not have associated with well known NLD officials now have cordial relations with them, said May Win Myint, an NLD central executive committee (CEC) member.

He said meetings with NLD local leadership from other regions will continue in the coming weeks.

The meeting was attended by 86 chairmen and secretaries of 36 township party branches in Rangoon Division. The chairmen shared reports of local problems, fear among the people, co-operation between elders and youth members and other matters, said May Win Myint.

During the meeting, Aung San Suu Kyi discussed fear among the people. She said one factor was because of the party’s weakness in organizing more people and instilling more confidence.

Tin Oo is among the NLD central executive committee members who will meet with key NLD local leaders in meetings in Rangoon.  Photo : Mizzima‘She said that many people came and rallied around the NLD party after her release, and they will rely on the party if the party really works for the welfare of the people. She said the NLD will exist as long as the party is in the hearts of the people’, May Win Myint said.

Party Vice President Tin Oo discussed the legal status of the party, telling the grassroots party leaders that the NLD did not need to reregister again as it had already been registered with the Election Commission. The NLD was disbanded by the EC after it failed to reregister prior to the 2010 national election.

CEC members will meet with NLD officials from states, divisions and townships on Saturday, March 5, leading off with Pegu Division and followed by  Irrawaddy Division on March 7. The meetings with remaining states and divisions will follow.

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