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Lun Maung nominated as auditor general; Tun Shin is new attorney general

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Burmese President Than Sein nominated military auditor general Major General Lun Maung as Union Auditor General on Monday, in another government-building session of Parliament.

In other business, Than Sein’s nomination on Friday of Dr. Tun Shin as Union Attorney General was approved in a joint session of Parliament.

MP Khin Shwe, a United Solidarity and Development Party member, told Mizzima that Lun Maung, 62, is a native of Bamo in Kachin State. He won a Lower House seat in Bamo Township and is a graduate of the Defence Services Academy intake 12.

Khin Shwe told Mizzima that the current government-building sessions, devoted to the creation of ministries and the approval of ministers, may be concluded in the second week of March. After the joint sessions are concluded, each house may discuss and deliberate matters submitted by MPs, he said.

The joint session lasted about 15 minutes, in keeping with sessions all last week.

Defending the short sessions, Shan Nationalities Development Party MP Sai Saung Hsi noted that Parliament is still engaged in the sixth step of the junta’s seven-step roadmap to democracy, which involves the creation of a new government.

‘Only when the seventh step of the roadmap is completed can the shape of parliament be seen’, he said. ‘We’re now electing ministers, the auditor general, the chief justice, etc. We have nothing to debate and discuss on these matters’. Sai Saung Hsi said each MP receives a personal profile of all nominees made by the president.

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