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Rule of law necessary for unity: Suu Kyi

New Delhi (Mizzima) – Ethnic unity and the rule of law are essential in moving Burma forward toward national reconciliation and peace, Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese pro-democracy leader, said on Saturday, speaking at a Union Day ceremony.

Ethnic dances and performances were a big part of the Union Day ceremonies at NLD headquarters. (Photo: Mizzima)During the 64th Union Day ceremony at the National League for Democracy office in Bahan Township in Rangoon, she said “Unity is badly needed in our country. We need to determine on this occasion of Union Day to build a genuine, united Union. All ethnic people must join hands together’, she said.

Suu Kyi said the country must achieve the rule of law in order for true unity to exist.

‘We must revive a Union spirit for in order for democracy and development of the country. In the meantime, we need the rule of law. All ethnic people must be equal before the law.

‘Sixty-four years ago, our national leaders and ethnic leaders determined to join hands together to build a Union which was a new idea at that time. They firmly grasped this new idea and bravely carried it out. We must continue this work, and we must face everything with a new ideology. We must work bravely for what we should to’, said Suu Kyi.

Ethnic group members at the 64th anniversary Union Day ceremony held at NLD headquarters on February 12, 2011. (Photo: Mizzima)More than 400 persons attended the ceremonies, including ethnic  members wearing traditional national dress, members of the  Committee Representing People’s Parliament, veteran politicians and diplomats.

Poets Pyapon Nee Lone Oo and Monywa Aung Shi also took part in the ceremony. NLD Nyaungdone Township branch members performed a Karen traditional dance, the ‘Done Yane’, a Rangoon Division drum troupe performed and NLD members from Shan State performed a traditional dance.

Union Day observes the date of the signing of the Panglong Agreement on February 12, 1947, by Aung San, the father of Suu Kyi, and ethnic leaders of the Kachin, Chin and Shan, who agreed to fight for independence from Britain and to seek full ethnic rights.

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