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Temperatures to drop below normal in northern Burma

New Delhi (Mizzima) – In northern Kachin State, the temperatures will be at least 4 degrees colder than normal in February, according to Tun Lwin,  a prominent Burmese meteorologist.

Last year in February, Kachin State had temperatures in -10 to -8 degrees Celsius range. This year, during the first two weeks of February, the region could reach -14 to -10 degrees Celsius because of La Nina.  

'I think Kachin State will have -14 to -10 degrees Celsius this year', Tun Lwin told Mizzima. Wind from the Arctic will move into inland areas and that will result in freezing cold, he said.

Two years ago, cold air currents entered North America, Europe and Asia. This year, they moved into the Himalayas and will now move into  northern Burma.

‘In the past, the cold wind used to come from India (northwestern) or China (northeastern). This year, a cold wave is likely to enter from the north. It will affect northeastern Kachin State and the temperatures could be less than -10 degrees Celsius,’ Tun Lwin said. 

Tun Lwin said on his website that in the upper part of Kachin State, in northern Chin and Shan states and in northern Sagaing Division, the temperatures will drop below freezing in February and such cold waves can cause death.

‘Especially, in Chin State and Shan State, the temperature will be six degrees colder than normal. So, that can be identified as a moderate cold wave, but it can cause death if people are negligent,’ he said.

In early February, early morning mist is expected in Kachin, Chin, northern Arakan and northern Shan states and in Sagaing, Magway and Mandalay divisions, and in Karenni, southern Arakan and southern Shan states.

Tun Lwin said, ‘Currently, the weather is cold and the wind can cause drops of water in the sky. If the drops are not far away from the ground, mist will form. If they are very high, a cloud could  form. Currently, they are not too high. So, in February, mist will come down in Burma. It’s usual, but, the mist will come down heavier than the past’.

Moreover, in Taninsarim Division and Mon State, severe gales are expected with winds of up to 35 miles per hour (56.3 kilometres per hour).

‘The gales could cause huge waves along the Mon and Taninsarim coasts. Sometimes, the waves may be big enough to capsize ships and boats,’ Tun Lwin said.

On January 16, a snow storm hit Panwa in northern Kachin State, and damaged border checkpoints on the Sino-Burmese border.

The state-run newspaper New Light of Myanmar said on January 19 that the temperatures were now three to four degrees colder than normal in Kachin and Chin states and in the upper part of Sagaing Division.


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