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A Japanese national dies in Naypyidaw highway accident

(Mizzima) – A private vehicle carrying five people overturned on Saturday at about 10 p.m. on the Rangoon-Naypyidaw highway, killing two people including a Japanese national.

An official in the Japanese embassy in Rangoon said that Hideki Hasegawa, about 40 years old, a medical professional, died in the accident.

Another person who died in the accident was a Burmese national who worked in the Rail Ministry in Rangoon, the Myanmar Times reported.

Another Japanese national was injured and admitted to Taungoo hospital.

According to the Japanese embassy, a team was sent to investigate the accident.

The vehicle overturned near the 130-mile post on the highway on Sunday morning, according to a journalist who was visiting Naypyidaw.

A reporter from a foreign news agency said that the victim was on his way to Naypyidaw for a meeting with a high ranking government official.

Since March 26, 2009, the highway’s inauguration date, to November 23, 2010, a total of 156 accidents have been reported on the Rangoon-Naypidaw highway, which left 80 people dead and 278 people injured, said an article on January 9, 2011, in the New Light of Myanmar.

Of these cases, 97 were attributed to drivers’ negligence and 24 cases were attributed to speeding, the article said.


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