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Second unseasonal rain damages salt production

Mizzima News – Unseasonal heavy rain early last week has damaged about 10,000 acres (4,047 hectares) of salt producing fields in Mon State a second time in recent days, according to salt producers in the area.

About 5,000 acres in Thanphyuzayat Township, about 1,500 acres in Paung Township, about 1,500 acres in Yay Township and about 1,500 acres in Thaton Township were damaged in the rain.

The total cost for damage is estimated at about one billion kyat (US$ 1.23 million).

An earlier rain of three consecutive days in mid-December also damaged the salt producing fields.

The rain on Tuesday hit while the salt was being dried in the sun.

“The second rain worsened our situation” said salt producer Nai Win, who owns 30 acres of salt fields in Pa Nga in Thanphyuzayat Township.  Pa Nga is the major salt producing area in the region.

Nai Win said he lost about 3 million kyat (US$ 3,704) on his 30-acre salt field investment.

In salt production using the solar evaporation method, producers have to prepare the salt fields, build embankments, level the raw salt, roll the raw salt and collect seawater. The salt is available when the seawater in the field reaches 25 degree centigrade.

Salt prices are stable at 50 kyat (US$ 0.6 cents) for one viss (3.6 lbs) of raw salt and 80 kyat (US$ 0.9 cents) for refined salt per viss, as imported salt from Thailand enters the market in Mon State.

According to Meteorology and Hydrology department records in Naypyidaw, Mawlamyaing received a record rainfall of 4.9 inches on December 11.

The season for solar evaporated salt production extends from early January until May before the monsoon season starts. The production cost for refined solar evaporated salt is 35-60 kyat (US$ 4-7 cent) per viss.

Mon State produces about 20 percent of the total production in the country. Other salt producing regions are in Rakhine State, Irrawaddy, Pegu and Rangoon divisions.

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