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Journalists to receive honours for excellence

New Delhi (Mizzima) – Prizes will be awarded to honour the journalistic excellence of three Burmese journalists, a photographer and a cartoonist on New Year’s Eve at the Royal Rose Thiri Hall in Bahan Township, Rangoon, Burma’s former capital, the prize committee says.

myanmar-press-award-2010The committee comprises three prominent writers, a prominent cartoonist and a designer, who will award prizes for the best hard news in local news journals for 2010, the best news article of the year, the best article on conservation, the best news photo and the best cartoon.

“During the past 10 years, many journals were brought out and many young people entered journalism and they have been working hard, designer and committee member Soe Win Nyein told Mizzima. “So we’ve been working on a way to encourage them since three years ago. Now we can implement our idea.”

Each winner will be awarded a gold medal that weighs half a tical (about eight grams), he said.

Soe Win Nyein added: “Many young journalists didn’t get what they deserved and some fell into depression. Anyway, some managed to struggle to survive as journalists so we need to recognise their achievements and honour them.”

Cartoonist Aw P Kyel will choose the best cartoon, Soe Win Nyein will select the best news photograph and prominent writers Kyaw Yin Myint, Ye Naing Moe and Nyi Pu Lay will decide on the remaining awards.

“Cartoons relating to current events have been heavily censored in our country. I’ve collected public feedback on the cartoons published in journals during the year. I will consider how the cartoons reflect public sentiment and how many cartoons the cartoonists drew,” Aw P Kyel told Mizzima.

In Burma, many prizes are given for writers, including the National Literary Award from the Information Ministry and the Sarpay Beikman Manuscript Award, but there have been no honours available for journalists.

“I think we should do it for journalists. I like the idea of Ye Naing Moe and his colleagues. All journalists are interested in it. I think we’ll be able to form a great force of journalists because of the awards programme,” a journalist in Rangoon said.


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