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Bus plunges into Chin ravine, 14 dead

New Delhi (Mizzima) – Fourteen passengers died and more than 30 were injured after a bus plunged into a ravine near Tedim in the west of Chin State in northwestern Burma yesterday afternoon, a passenger said.

Chin_roadThe bus carrying 80 passengers from Tonzang to Tedim to the south plunged into the 100-foot-deep ravine (30 metres) about eight miles (12 kilometres) from Tedim, a town near the border with Mizoram State, India. Twelve passengers reportedly died instantly and two died after they reached hospital in Tedim.

“The bus was heavily overloaded and the driver going too fast so the bus plunged into the ravine at a curve in the road,” Kam Lian from Tedim told Mizzima.

The injured and dead were first taken to hospital in Tedim, then the 14 dead, all from Tonzang, were returned to their hometown at about 5 p.m. on Friday, a resident said.

Chin_JeepMost of those on the bus were travelling to Tedim to attend a Chin literature ceremony, according to residents.

“Relatives of the passengers had arrived in Tedim … [and realising family members were missing, went to] rescue the passengers using cars reserved for the ceremony, and motorcycles,” Kam Lian said.

The bus, named Chin Mountain, is owned by Cin Pu of Tahan Ward in Kalay, Sagaing Division.

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