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DKBA seizes Three Pagodas Pass

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Democratic Karen Buddhist forces are claiming control over Three Pagodas Pass, a strategic border crossing between Burma and Thailand to the east of Burma’s former capital of Rangoon and opposite Thailand’s Kanchanburi Province.

Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) Battalion 906 commanding officer Lieutenant Saw A One contends DKBA troops have captured several key strategic positions at Three Pagodas Pass.

DKBA Battalion 906 along with Battalion 907, led by Lieutenant Saw Naw Tayar, launched a major offensive against Burmese troops stationed at Three Pagodas Pass at around 11 a.m. on Monday, gaining control of their objective in the afternoon hours.

“We seized the Three Pagodas Pass just like DKBA Brigade 5 has seized Myawaddy,” Lieutenant Saw A One told Mizzima.

He said they set fire to the forestry office, Special Branch police department, post and telegraph department and TV retransmission station.

DKBA forces trapped about 150 Burmese Army troops comprising Infantry Battalions 283 and 405 as led by commanding officer Myat Tun Aye in Ward No. (3) in suburban Three Pagodas Pass.

Lieutenant Saw A One stipulated, “We have seized nearly all areas of the city. We tried to prevent any civilian casualties. Now, our troops are camped in the downtown, suburban areas and in the mountains.”

The DKBA captured nine weapons in the confrontation, while killing two Burmese Army soldiers and injuring another, added Lieutenant Saw A One.

The Lieutenant furthered that the Karen Peace Force (KPF), led by Colonel Mahn Lay Win, as well as the KNU/KNLA Peace Council, led by Lieutenant Latt Kay, are also likely to join with the DKBA.

Meanwhile, Karen National Union (KNU) spokesman Padoh Saw Hte Nay said troops from the KNU’s sixth brigade are on standby ready to reinforce the DKBA.

“KNU Brigade 6 is ready to support the DKBA. We are within a short distance of them,” Padoh Saw The Nay told Mizzima.
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