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Jeep plunge near Indian border leaves 1 dead

New Delhi (Mizzima) - A passenger jeep has plunged into a steep ravine along a remote stretch of the Tio River near the India-Burma border about a week ago, leaving one passenger dead and 11 injured.

The dead man was Mg Ah Kyone, 27, from Liazo village, according to a hospital official.

The Pyichitthar Vehicle Line jeep, driven by Htoo Tha, was carrying 30 passengers to the Falam town in Chin State when it careened off the muddy road and down the 24-metre embankment at about 5pm on March 31, 60 kilometres from Falam, between the villages of Bualhre and Hmuntha. Only the army and police have radios in the remote region.

Kyone Kyone, a social worker for a free funeral service, told Mizzima: “It was raining that day. It’s not a tar road, just mud. So, the jeep plunged into the ravine.”

Tibual police and villagers joined forces to recover the jeep, the injured and the villager’s body. The villagers then took the victims to Falam Hospital.

There an official said: “Mg Ah Kyone from Liazo village died. On the evening of April 1, the eleven injured were [also] brought to the hospital. One had suffered internal injuries, one had a fractured leg and the rest had minor wounds.”

Htan Thel, a clerk at the Falam Peace and Development Council confirmed that one person had died but refused to provide details as he was unauthorised to speak to the press.

Jeep owner Myint Aung has accepted responsibility for compensating the Mg Ah Kyone’s family and the injured for their respective funeral and medical expenses. Driver Htoo Tha is still at large.


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