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Motorcycles to be back on Rangoon roads

Rangoon (Mizzima) – Policemen, intelligence agency personnel and Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) members  will be re-allowed use of two wheelers in Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) limits, the Security of Road Communication Committee has said.

The  new rule allows 15 motorcycles to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), 15 to Military Affairs Security (MAS), 30 motorcycles to the Bureau of Special Investigation (BSI), 30 motorcycles to the Rangoon Division Police personnel, 30 motorcycles to the  Police Special Branch (SB) and 12 motorcycles to the Rangoon Division USDA.

After December 15 last year, all motorcycles were banned on Rangoon streets except a few cycles. Government staff, including police complained about the difficulties they were facing in doing their work and were allowed to use the vehicles in limited numbers.

In the earlier order, all motorcycles except 65 from the Electric Power Corporation, were banned in 33 townships in YCDC (Rangoon municipal) area. The order was in force for about two and-a-half months.

“Banning the police from using motorcycles is ridiculous. We need to reach the crime scene in time. So we need motorcycles. It’s good we are being allowed to use motorcycles again. Even if we are not allowed to ride our two wheelers, we will certainly ride our cycles. However, it has been allowed in limited numbers,” a police officer from Rangoon Division Police Force said.

Motorcycles with ‘Ya Sa Ka’ license plates issued by the Rangoon Division Vehicle Disciplinary and Supervising Committee have been allowed.

The Committee had said the ban was because of increasing accidents. According to traffic police statistics, 10 persons died during the period from early 2009 to October 2009 in motorcycle accidents.

The number of motorcycles owned by government departments and being used in YCDC area is 1035 and the total number in Rangoon Division is about 40,000.

The ban order was the second. Use of motorcycles by civilians in Rangoon city was banned since July last year but motorcycles were allowed in 14 townships in Rangoon Division outside the YCDC area. In other towns and cities except Rangoon, the government staff and civilians can use their motorcycles freely.


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