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Six Falam villages build roads at own expense

New Delhi (Mizzima) – Six villages located in a row have been directed to build roads at their expense  from mid last month on the orders of the  Chin State, Falam Township Peace and Development Council (TPDC) Chairman, it is learnt.

Following instructions from the Falam TPDC Chairman Khin Maung Win in early January, villagers have to build a six-mile road from Lianduh village, 18 miles northwest of Falam, to Khuasum village with their own money and upgrade the current motorcycle road to a motorway.

Earlier, Lianduh village and villages west of it had only footpaths. In 2007 No Bual Hrang from Lianduh village built the motorcycle road with help from Lo Sau Baptist Church. Now they are upgrading the road into a motorway where 4-wheel drive Jeeps can ply from Lianduh to Losau, connecting six villages," Pa Thian from Tlau Hmun village, which is close to the six villages told  Mizzima.

The TPDC Chairman told Village PDCs that he wanted to go to the remote villages on inspection tours and wished to see the roads connecting these villages upgraded and repaired. 

"About 50 volunteers joined the road upgrading work, while well wishers donated what they could such as rice, pulses and other foodstuff to the volunteers," Pa Thian said. 

Fifty volunteers from Seipi, Rallang, Bualzawl, Khaw Sum, Losau and Lianduh are workng daily. There are about 200 houses in the six villages. 

One of the volunteers said the motorcycle road is badly damaged in monsoon so villagers are badly off in health, economy and other sectors. 

"We have been longing to build a motorway because we had only footpaths in this mountainous region. Road transport problems brought suffering and many died for difficulties in accessing medical treatment. The villagers grow orange, apple, corn and pulse but our farm produce fetches little money due to the bad road. For instance, a fruit which can fetch Kyat 100 in town brings in only Kyat 30 in our villages. Good road communication will help in every sphere," he added.

Lal Hre Lian from KhawSum donated Kyat 1 million for the road and many others donated small amounts.

Initially, it was thought they could complete the work at the end of this month but it will take more time as the authorities did not provide any assistance in terms of heavy machinery. They are relying on manual labour. It is expected to be completed at the end of next month, the villager added. 

Due to financial constraints, they cannot build a metalled or a stone road but can upgrade the footpath into a wider earth motorway. They will build more roads connecting other villages with these six villages.

(Report  by Salai Tun)

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