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Deadline for BGF expires, Wa seeks extension

Chiang Mai (Mizzma) - The United Wa State Army (UWSA) has appealed to the Burmese military junta for another extension of the deadline to transform its army to the proposed Border Guard Force under Burmese Army control, sources said.

The deadline to respond to Naypyidaw’s wishes to transform the Wa Army to the Tatmadaw administered BGF expired yesterday. The UWSA however, kept harping on its 9-point proposal submitted to the junta in November last year.

In its proposal, UWSA, notorious for drug trfficking, demanded self-determination, while accepting the one military policy, and a roll back of the junta’s decision on demarcation of Meng Pauk and Meng Pyan region in northeast Shan State, putting them along with Maila and Ken Tung district.

If granted, this will be the fourth extension since the first one on October last year. The junta plans to transform 17 cease-fire groups to the BGF under its army’s control.

However, the chief negotiator of Naypyidaw, Lt-Gen Ye Myint reportedly rejected Wa’s demand for autonomy and said there would be no compromise on the regime’s policy, including that of 30 Burmese Army officers heading every battalion of Wa forces.

Its territory being contiguous to China, and being a traditional ally, Wa has appealed to Chinese authorities to intervene.


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