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NLD leaders in anxious anticipation of Tin Oo’s release

Chiang Mai, New Delhi (Mizzima) – As rumors concerning the release of NLD No. 2 Tin Oo gather momentum throughout the camp of Burma’s democratic opposition, leaders of the embattled pro-democracy party are gathering at the compound of the detained Tin Oo in anxious anticipation of the Vice-Chairman’s release. 

The six-year term of house arrest for the 84-year old Tin Oo expires today, so NLD leaders are expecting his imminent release.

Mizzima had interviewed some NLD Central Executive Committee (CEC) members on the situation outside the house of the party’s second in command. (please see details of news after Tin Oo's release on

“Voice of America (VOA) said that he would be released this evening at 6 o’clock. I wonder from which source they got this news,” remarked Ohn Kyaing.release-utinoo2

“I’m going to him now. I’ll meet him if he is released, if not, I have to go back home,” added Dr. Win Naing.

“We cannot yet confirm this news, authorities entered his house just 15 minutes ago. People are waiting in front of his house too. We know just these facts,” Nyan Win said.

In 2003, a junta-backed mob attacked Tin Oo along with party General Secretary Aung San Suu Kyi near Kyi village outside the town of Depayin while they were traveling in a motorcade in upper Burma on an organizational tour. Following the attack both Tin Oo and Aung San Suu Kyi were arrested, with Tin Oo subsequently living under house arrest since 13 February 2004.

(Interview at 7 p.m. Burma Standard Time)

“We have arrived in front of his house. Reporters are also here but he has not yet been released. Our Information Department member U Tin Oo is sitting in front of his house and not yet heard about his release. We cannot enter his house yet. Four police personnel are posted at the gate of his residence but the cars used by security agencies are not visible. Maybe they are in another place that cannot be seen from our place. The cars nearby our place are reporters’ cars. All CEC members are here except some old and frail members. All able-bodied CEC members are present here,” Ohn Kyaing said.

(Interview at 7:25 p.m. Burma Standard Time)

Interview with CEC member Dr. Win Naing

“We are sitting in front of his house. He will be released when the time is due as his house arrest term is also due. Among our CEC members, Khin Maung Swe, Dr. Than Nyein, Thein Nyunt, Ohn Kyaing, myself and Sein Hla Oo, six members in all, are present. There are about 25 reporters here too. We are awaiting his release in the dark, defying mosquito and sand fly bites. We are hungry and busy repelling the mosquitoes. We see youth at the corner of his house. His house is situated at No. 30, Than Lwin Road.”

“We came here after hearing news that the order [for his release] was being read out. It is dark here and we cannot see anything in the flickering lights.”

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