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Vehicles with tinted glasses to be under scanner

Rangoon (Mizzima) - Fines on vehicles with tinted glasses will be increased from early 2010, Police Col. Aung Naing from Rangoon Division Traffic and Wireless Department said.

Now, the fine for violation of traffic rules by cars using tinted glasses is Kyat 50,000 for the first offence, Kyat 50,000 for the second offence and Kyat 100,000 for the third. But starting early next year, the fine will be Kyat 100,000 for the first offence with the driver’s license being revoked, Pol. Col. Aung Naing said.

Moreover the fine will be increased to Kyat 200,000 for the second offence along with the license being revoked for three months and Kyat 300,000 for the third offence and the license being revoked for six months. But November and December this year will be the awareness period where the current rate of fine will be levied.

Having dolls, screens and suckers on windshields and window panes come under this violation of traffic rule.

Pol. Col. Aung Naing said the idea was to prevent crimes in vehicles with tinted glasses.

Many instances of drug trafficking and drug trade in cars with tinted glasses have been exposed and the criminals were arrested. Some of these drug criminals are sons and daughters of senior government officials, a police officer from Rangoon Division Drug Enforcement agency said.

Most vehicles with tinted glasses in Rangoon are used by business tycoons and sons and daughters of senior military officers.

Vehicles with original tinted windshields imported from foreign countries have to get permission from the Road Transport Department. All vehicles manufactured by Industry Zones in Burma also need such permission, it is learnt.


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