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Case against funeral association withdrawn

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – The civic case filed against film actor Kyaw Thu-led Free Funeral Service Association, for occupying the premises without permission from the Rangoon Division North Dagon Township Development Committee (Municipal), has been withdrawn.

The residential permit was granted by the municipality after a fine was paid leading to the settlement of the case against the charity organisation. 

“The case has been settled. We got the building completion certificate and residential permit yesterday but we have to pay a small fine for altering a window design. We have been allowed to stay in the building,” film actor Kyaw Thu, known for his outspoken nature and his criticism of the junta, said.

“It should have been done long ago.  I am relieved. We have to apply for a building construction permit to the civic body again. I don’t know what will happen then,” he said.

The association defied the directives of the civic body to dig a 5’x5’ drain in front of the building. The North Dagon Township municipal committee then filed a case against the association in the township court on October 29 charging it with occupying the premises without permission.

Kyaw Thu also runs a free clinic which serves an average of 200 patients daily. Free funeral service is provided to an average of 50. The ‘Thukha’ free clinic in North Dagon Township faces shortage of water and electricity.

“The current problem is water and electricity. But the monastery in the adjacent plot has got both. We need water for the clinic and for cleaning our hearses. Supply of electricity is uncertain in the entire area,” he added. The normal voltage should be 220 but it is never so. It is sometimes only half.

The association was set up in January 2001 and they provide free service irrespective of race and creed. The free clinic was expanded later.

Earlier, the charity organization was based inside the Brahma Vihara monastery in Thingangyun Township but they had to move to the new building in North Dagon Township on 19 July (Martyr’s Day) this year.

After Kyaw Thu offered food as alms along with comedian Zargana to protesting monks in September 2007, he was banned from performing in films and other related arts. The monks staged a peaceful demonstration by chanting Metta Sutra.

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