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Actor Kyaw Thu to defy court summons again

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – A defiant Free Funeral Service Association Chairman Actor Kyaw Thu has made it clear that he would not appear before the South Dagon Township court even if summoned again.

He pointed out that the court is trying to put the association on trial even though the stages of indictment and opening of the case is yet to be reached.

“The South Dagon Township court judges said that they could not indict us as I didn’t appear before the court. So they could not start the case and there is no mistake on our part. If summoned again I am unlikely to appear, as I have no spare time,” Kyaw Thu told Mizzima.

The summons on October 29 directed the accused to appear before the South Dagon court for occupying the building, without the permission of the civic body.

Despite having applied for permission long ago the municipality did not give the green signal because the association refused to arrange for drainage in front of the building, Kyaw Thu said. The adjacent building owners were not asked to arrange for drainage, so the association’s lone drainage pit would become a pool of stagnant water.

“Having the drainage will make no difference as there is no overflow in front of our building. Our waste water drainage from our office and clinic is connected to the Ngamoeyeik creek. There is no stagnant pool on the road outside our office,” he clarified.

Moreover, the North Dagon civic body tried to drag them to the South Dagon court rather than the North Dagon court. Kyaw Thu feels this is to harass them.

The Free Funeral Service Association was set up by Kyaw Thu and like-minded well wishers in January 2001. They provide free funeral service to people irrespective of race and creed. Later they added a free clinic.

Initially, they operated the charity from Brahma Vihara monastery in Thingangyun Township and then shifted to North Dagon Township office on 19 July (Martyr’s Day) this year.

The association can cremate an average of 50 bodies and provide free treatment to about 200 patients daily.

Actor Kyaw Thu offered alms food to protesting monks during the 2007 September protests along with comedian Zarganar among others, when the monks chanted Metta Sutra peacefully. Following this the junta banned him from performing.

(edited by Ko Wai)


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