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Three tourists die in Burma in one month

New Delhi (Mizzima) – The Myanmar Tourism Ministry has said three tourists to Burma died of heart disease in the month of October alone.

German Vahnifch Joathin (60), Spaniard Jesus Uriutia Lopes (78) and Swiss national Rein Hant Lilviar (53) died on the 15th, 25th and 26th, respectively, of the previous month.

“The German died at the hotel where he was staying and it was later found out that he died of heart disease. He was cremated and the ash urn was sent to his family by arrangement of the Embassy of Germany,” Tourism Ministry Assistant Director Thu Aung told Mizzima.

The deceased German came to Burma as an individual tourist.

The Spaniard, on the other hand, came to Burma with Adventure Myanmar Co. Ltd. and passed away at the Bagan Golf Resort Hotel in Bagan-Naung Oo while staying at the hotel.

“He died after swimming at the hotel, but he did not drown. He died after coming out from the swimming pool. His remains have been sent to Madrid, Spain,” commented the official from the Tourism Ministry.

The Swiss tourist came to Burma at the arrangement of Asia Trails Tour and expired on the riverboat ‘Pauk Kan’, during the vessel’s overnight stop near the central Burma town of Pakokku.

According to Asia Trails Tour, they are still making arrangements regarding returning the remains of the deceased to Switzerland.

The cause of all of three deaths was heart disease, noted a circular dated 31st October and sent by the Tourism Ministry to all tour companies.

The Tourism Ministry in Naypyitaw cautioned elderly people can face sudden death due to the fluctuation in temperature during the seasonal change from monsoon to winter.

“Despite these deaths, it doesn’t affect our tourism industry. Visitors are still coming to our country,” added Assistant Director Thu Aung.

The circular also advised tour companies to be aware of the health of foreign tourists coming to Burma with their arrangements.


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