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Rangoon division police chief sacked

New Delhi (Mizzima) -The Burmese military junta has sacked Rangoon division police chief, Pol Col Win Naing for allegedly running brothels and massage parlours and he is being interrogated.

Sources in the military as well as journalists in Rangoon said the news of the removal of Win Naing has been in circulation in the city since last month, though it was becoming difficult to verify.

“But now, I am sure Win Naing has been removed from his post and is being interrogated. But I am not sure if he has been removed because of allegedly running brothels and massage parlours,” a Rangoon-based journalist, who has been following the rumour, told Mizzima.

Sources said Win Naing was sacked last month for corruption and misuse of power, when a rival reported his wife’s business of massage parlours in Rangoon.

“I am not sure how much of it is true that Win Naing’s wife runs brothels and massage parlours but the rumour has been circulating in Rangoon. In Burma, in many occasions, rumours prove to be true,” the journalist said.

Meanwhile, Burma’s police chief Khin Yi was also rumoured to have been under investigation in connection to Win Naing’s case and sources said, there are chances of Khin Yi being removed too.

But on Wednesday, the junta’s mouthpiece newspaper, the New Light of Myanmar, carried a picture of Khin Yi meeting and talking to Rangoon division and traffic police division on Tuesday, deflecting rumors of his arrest.

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