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Shwe Ohn invites political parties to unite for strong opposition

New Delhi (Mizzima) – The Union Democratic Alliance Organization has invited all ethnic political parties to join hands with them to form a strong opposition in the forthcoming 2010 general elections although they do no hope to win and form the government.

UDAO’s organizing committee member veteran politician Shwe Ohn told Mizzima that they invited the ethnic parties to join them for cooperation and coordination among themselves for the sake of democracy being ushered in Burma.

“We don’t expect to form the government. We just intend to win 25 per cent of the seats in Parliament and start a gradual reform movement as an opposition force. Otherwise we will not be a formidable force in Parliament,” he said.

A statement by the UDAO on September 17, welcomed the setting up of the Kachin State Progressive Party (KSPP) and the New Mon Party and urged other ethnic nationalities to float political parties and join them in an alliance.

“Our organization is comprised of all ethnic nationalities including Shan, Burman, Kachin and Karen. We believe it will be better if all of us can cooperate. So we urged the KSPP and the Mon Party to join us because in our opinion it’s better to work collectively rather than individually,” Shwe Ohn said.

The KSPP and the Mon Party responded to the invitation saying that it is premature to join them. The UDAO maintains it extended the invitation to join them in contesting the 2010 general elections for the benefit of a Union State.

“We see the invitation as a good thing in principle. We’d like to join them because joining hands with all is best for all of us. But we have to consider the practicality and viability of the invitation. It is premature to talk of an alliance as the election law and political parties law have not yet been enacted and announced,” KSPP organizing committee member Dr. Tuja told Mizzima.

Moreover the KSPP is not meant for the whole country but only to represent Kachin State, he added.

The New Mon Party organizing committee was formed for contesting the 2010 general elections. Its organizing committee member Dr. Nai Banya Aung Moe said, “In the theory of party politics, we should join with all if it is beneficial. But we cannot say anything at the moment as the party is yet to be registered”.

UDAO was formed with an 8-member organizing committee on January 26 this year and now the number has touched 16.

The party is based on the Union Democracy policy and it has two main parts, the core group and the alliance group. Anyone can be a core group member regardless of their race and creed if they join the party as an individual. If a party joins the UDAO, it will be part of the alliance.

The core group will be established as a party later and will be an ally of the UDAO and there will be no leading party in it. The Central Executive Committee will be selected from the CEC members of member organizations based on their performance and merit.

The UDAO also extended similar invitations to the National League for Democracy (NLD) to join them in early January this year but it is leant that no response has yet been received.

(Reported by Salai Han Thar San)


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