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Film, video producers to seek permission for background music

New Delhi (Mizzima) – As of now film and video producers need prior permission from artistes for the songs they use in their productions, the Myanmar Music Association has directed.

The new system is coming into vogue to make artistes from film and music industries familiar with the copyright rules and make them understand the value of the arts, the Myanmar Music Association Joint General Secretary Maung Thit Min said.

“People in Burma are not accustomed to copyright issues. By implementing this system, there will be no dispute in terms of income sharing. Also they will respect each other and understand the value of the arts,” he said.

While seeking permission film and video producers need to sign agreements with all artistes such as song writers, singers, sound engineers and music band players.

“Some singers may not charge for their songs. Only after getting all signatures of the artistes, the music association will endorse the agreement the next day or else it will take time for the endorsement,” Maung Thit Min said.

The new regulation has been implemented in tandem with the Myanmar Music Association (Central) and the Film Association. The new regulation comes into effect from September 15.

The main beneficiaries of the music industry are only some of the famous singers and some famous music bands. They are a minority in the music industry but they grab the lion’s share. Song writers get the least amount, famous song writer and singer Saung Oo Hlaing told Mizzima.

“Famous singers can make at least Kyat 1.5 million for a song if it becomes a hit. Music band players also get their share for each show. But song writers get money on a one time basis,” he said.

Song writers can get only Kyat 300,000 for a background song in a film and Kyat 100,000 for a video film, it is learnt.

“We would not like to say we get less or more. But song writers can get fees only once when he hands over his song to either the singer or music producer. In the long run, we need copy right laws. Only then will the music industry flourish,” Saung Oo Hlaing said.

Now Burmese authorities are drafting the copyright law by referring to rules and regulations of Switzerland’s Geneva based ‘World Intellectual Property Organization’ (WIPO). It is expected to be ready in 2013, the music association said.

Mandalay City FM has been making copyright payments to song writers, singers, players and producers at the rate of Kyat 1,200 per song per airtime since September 2008.

Mandalay City FM compiled the list of songs they used from September to December last year with a chart mentioning how many times it was used and sent it to the ‘Collective Management Committee’ (CMM) and paid them.  It is learnt that they will make similar payments every four months.

Similarly the state-run TV channel MRTV-4 has been paying honorarium this year to artistes for their songs.

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