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Rangoon accounts for over 3,700 dengue patients annually

Rangoon (Mizzima) –There were over 3,700 dengue fever patients annually in Rangoon Division alone, of whom about 30 patients died, statistics released by the Burmese Ministry of Health said.

The statistics compiled by the Ministry of Health said 18,568 patients were afflicted with dengue fever in five years from 2004 to 2009, of whom 151 died. The rate of affliction by the virus and death was the highest in the monsoon season - June, July and August, the statistics said.

The highest number of dengue patients recorded was in 2005. There were 5,621 cases and 40 died. In 2007, the number of cases dropped to 4,948 but 54 died from dengue. It is the highest death rate during these five years.

The statistics said there were 838 dengue patients between January 1 to June 23, 2009, of whom six died.

Among 45 townships in Rangoon Division, the densely populated and suburban areas such as Thaketa, Thingangyun, Tamwe, Hlinetharyar, Hlegu, Taikgyi and Shwepyithar have the highest rate of dengue fever cases annually.

This year too, the townships in the outskirts have the highest incidence of dengue in Rangoon Division indicating that the healthcare system in these townships is poor.

The statistics is updated till June 23 but the highest incidence is in June during the six-month period with 349 cases and four deaths reported.

Some have cast their doubts on the statistics compiled by the ministry as they think the figure does not reflect the reality.

A doctor from the Health Ministry admitted that there are flaws and weaknesses in compiling the dengue fever statistics based on local dispensary units, which are incomplete and conceal some facts and figures.

Though the highest incidence is yet to be collected for this year, it will not be less than the 2008 rate of incidence and deaths, he said.

The incidence of dengue fever cases in Rangoon from 2004 till date:

Year                                     cases reported / death

2004                                                 2,865/ 8
2005                                                5,621/ 40
2006                                               1,530/ 18
2007                                               4,948/ 54
2008                                              3,604/ 31
2009 ( till June 23)                            838/ 6

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