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Democratic Party gearing up to be in election fray

New Delhi (New Delhi) - The Democratic Party - Myanmar (DPM) headed by veteran politician and former diplomat Thu Wai and the daughters of former leaders of the country is going to contest the forthcoming nationwide elections.

Thu Wai told this to Mizzima after the five electoral laws were announced by the military junta last week.

“The government in power is not a democratic one, so there are no laws prevalent as in a democracy country. If we do not contest the election, it will help the junta continue to rule the country,” the chairman of DPM said.

The DPM is preparing to register its party and mobilize the people now that the electoral laws have been announced.

“When we are mobilizing the people they say they like our goal but at the same time they tell us they don’t want to be arrested. They will become party members only when the party is registered,” Thu Wai said.

The DPM has been working towards forming a political party since the end of last year to contest the elections but could not do so officially because electoral laws were not announced till recently.

For a national party wanting to register, it must have at least 1,000 party members in keeping with the electoral laws.

The DPM has party branches in Rangoon and Mandalay Divisions, so it can operate within the law with no trouble said Thu Wai.

Three daughters of the country's former leaders - Than Than Nu; daughter of former Prime Minister U Nu, Nay Yee Ba Swe, daughter of former Prime Minister Ba Swe and Cho Cho Kyaw Nyein; daughter of the former Vice Prime Minister Kyaw Nyein are among the leaders of the DPM.

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