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Highlights of Suu Kyi’s speech

New Delhi (Mizzima) -  The following are highlights of National League for Democracy (NLD) chairman Aung San Suu Kyi’s leaked remarks, which spread over the Internet on Tuesday.  
Aung San Suu Kyi spoke to more than 100,000 people at Thway Thout Stadium in Mawlamyaing on March 11. Photo: MizzimaShe said Burma has been engaged in a Civil War ever since Independence, and it has “ravaged our country till today.” She offered three steps to establish national peace.
“First, a nationwide cease-fire must be sought. As the second step, they need to hold political dialogues to solve the problems. As the third step, all must try to achieve a common objective, which is the building a genuine Union that is based on equality, regional autonomy and the right to decide independently in accord with the Constitution, which are also the ethnic people’s demands and the fundamental points of the Panglong Agreement.”
Talking about law enforcement, she said that the government controlled the judicial system and the people live under fear of its power.
Laws that are used to oppress citizens or are out of date should be revoked immediately, she said, and the government must provide complete freedom of the press. The judicial system should always be above the administrative system, and the citizens must have the right to take legal actions against any administrator, person or organization that violates the laws, she said.  
She said the Constitution must be amended in key sections that go beyond democratic principles and serve to keep the military in control.
“We know that the current Constitution is not in line with democratic principles. Giving an obvious well-known example, the citizens know that the Parliament comprises 25 per cent of parliamentary representatives who are not elected [by the people]. Moreover, the National League for Democracy has pointed out sections of the 2008 Constitution, which should be amended,” she said.     
NLD spokesman Ohn Kyaing told Mizzima that Suu Kyi could not be more specific in the speech but was referring to an NLD statement that criticized the draft constitution in specific areas.
Clarifying her remark, Ohn Kyaing said that statement pointed out 12 important points that need to be amended including the role of the Defence Services and the commander-in-chief, who are given powers that go beyond democratic principles. “The section 6 (f) of the Constitution says one of the Union’s consistent objectives is ‘enabling the Defence Services to be able to participate in the national political leadership role of the state,’” he said, and that should be changed.

He said a section that gives the military the right to suspend the Constitution also should be amended.

Another key section that must be amended, he said, is the rule that requires a yes vote by 75 per cent of the MPs in Parliament to amend the Constitution.
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