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Suu Kyi, Thein Sein campaigning on jobs

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Both opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and Burmese President Thein Sein are singing from the same songbook. Jobs, jobs, jobs.

Suu Kyi’ spoke to tens of thousands of people at the Hlegu Township football stadium during her fourth major campaign trip. She introduced NLD Hlegu Township constituency candidate Phyo Min Thein, who waved to the crowd. Photo: MizzimaThe National League for Democracy (NLD) chairman said on a campaign swing on Wednesday in Mayangon Township that Burma’s main problems are poverty and the lack of jobs. Without giving specifics, she said the NLD has started working on the issue, and she has spoken with organizations and countries that want to help the Burmese people.
“Our country’s main problem is poverty,” she said. “In response to the question how I will solve the problem, I would like to say that we have already discussed this issue with the organizations and the countries that want to help Burma. We are thinking how best to approach the issue, and we will do as much as we can.”

Last week, campaigning in Myaungmya Township, she said  “I want to nurture the youth, and I want to make them more educated. Getting proper healthcare for all adults and youth is the objective of the NLD. It’s very simple. We must work for better education for the people. We must work for better healthcare for the people. We must try hard to get decent employment and proper salaries.”

Similarly, in her speech during her electoral campaign trip to Kawhmu Township on Monday, she said, “The most important problem in Kawhmu Township is that people don’t have jobs. We understand that our first responsibility is to create enough jobs for people.”
Since taking office last year, President Thein Sein has spoken repeatedly about creating more jobs in the country. In a speech to Parliament, he said that Burma’s current poverty rate is 26 percent and the government will work to reduce it to 16 percent by 2015.
In May 2011, at a workshop in Naypyitaw on national development, Thein Sein said in speech that the government planned to develop the agricultural sector, rural manufacturing and cottage industries, to create micro finance projects and rural cooperative societies to alleviate poverty.
“Micro finance is a good tool to alleviate poverty,” he said. “In connection with micro finance, the majority of the poor are rural people. It is because they do not have capital, not because they are lazy.”
Suu Kyi also campaigned in Hlegu Township on Wednesday where supporters said she spoke before tens of thousands of people. She campaigned with NLD candidate Phyo Min Thein, who is seeking a seat in Parliament from that district.
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