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NLD prepares to accept 1 million party members

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Feeling its newfound strength in deciding to register and reorganize as a political party, the National League for Democracy [NLD] is preparing to accept 1 million party members.
The fighting peacock party flag of the NLD.The NLD will begin distribution of application forms in a few days, said May Win Myint, one of the new founding members who signed the NLD re-registration application permit.

Even former NLD members – including party leader Aung San Suu Kyi – will have to fill out and submit a new membership application form, May Win Myint told Mizzima.
Khin Moe Moe, another of the party’s new founders, said, “The membership form asks for an applicant’s age, education, race, religion and address.”
Poet Nyein Thit, who volunteers for NLD social projects, said that ideally new members will want to become actively involved in NLD projects at all levels.
“We don’t set specific qualifications: anyone who wants to become involved in pro-democracy issues – that quality will is enough to become a member,” Nyein Thit told Mizzima.

Senior NLD members and new members will be treated equally. If new members have the right qualities, they can be NLD candidates and contest in the coming by-elections, said Nyan Win, the NLD spokesman.

“Qualified activists, ethnic people and women will be given priority and the education of the candidate-to-be will also be considered in choosing candidates,” Nyan Win said.
The NLD is preparing to form canvassing committees in states and regions, officials said.

On Friday, Suu Kyi met with more than 50 musicians and singers at her lakeside home in Rangoon. The meeting was held to discuss songs and music for use in NLD canvassing in the coming by-election. A composer, Ye Lwin, told Mizzima that he planned to offer his help.
“I’m not an NLD member,” he said. “But, I’ll help Amay Suu [Suu Kyi]. We believe in her. So, I’ll do what she told me to do.”

The NLD party advocates a nonviolent movement towards multi-party democracy in Burma, which was under oppressive military rule from 1962 until March 2011, when a new military-dominated Parliament was formed after elections The party supports human rights – including broad-based freedom of speech – the rule of law, an end to fighting in ethnic areas and national reconciliation.

The NLD party flag features a peacock, a prominent symbol in Burma. A dancing peacock was widely used in the flags of Burmese monarchies. The NLD peacock is now associated with a decades-long struggle against the military dictatorship in which hundreds of its members served terms in prison for their political activities.

The party’s emblem, a traditional bamboo hat, will be replaced by a new emblem yet to announced.
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