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North Korea decries US call for Burma to sever ties

North Korea has denounced the US’s recent calls for Burma to end its ties with the Communist state. The US said in the past that it suspects Burma and North Korea to have cooperated in transporting prohibited weapons or arms to Burma.

“After first demanding suspension of military ties, the US now came to openly press Myanmar to end relations with us, branding us as a 'bad friend,'” the north's Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson said in a dialogue reported by the state-run (North) Korean Central News Agency.

In separate September meetings with Burma’s President Thein Sein and Burma’s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi in the US, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton voiced concerns over the country's ties with North Korea.

Clinton also expressed the US's willingness to ease sanctions on Burma, if the Southeast Asian nation sets the record straight on its suspected ties to North Korea.
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