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Burmese gov’t retirees enquire about their increased pensions

Rangoon (Mizzima) – The Burmese government on Thursday announced that starting this month pensions for retired government employees would be increased. Pensioners in Rangoon flocked to government offices on Friday to learn more.
A couple leave a government office in Rangoon on Friday after enquiring about the new plan to increase pensions for retired civil service employees. Photo: Mizzima 
A retired police officer told Mizzima, “I’ve got just a small pension, 350 kyat (about US$ 0.50). They told me they could not say the new amount exactly. They told me to come to the department next week.”

The announcement said that the authorities’ passed a resolution on Thursday to increase pension rates of retired government employees drawing pensions before January 1, 2010, to the same rates as the employee earned when they retired, as of July 2011. Also, the pension rates for those who performed political duties and started drawing pensions before April 1, 2006, would be increased, the announcement said.
A municipal department employee said, “Some people have to rely on their pensions. I heard that the salaries of government employees would be increased too. I hope consumer prices don’t  increase. If they increase, the pension and salary increments will not benefit the people.”

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