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Hospital admits NLD leader Win Tin after asthma attack

New Delhi (Mizzima) - National League for Democracy member leader Win Tin is receiving treatment for asthma in the emergency room at Asia Taw Win Hospital in Rangoon, a close friend said yesterday.

“Win Tin went to the Asia Taw Win Hospital this morning [Sunday] for a regular check-up, but was found to be suffering from slight inflammation of his windpipe and lungs,” Ohn Tun, a close friend of Win Tin, told Mizzima. “Doctors told him to stay for treatment at the hospital’s emergency room, even though his condition was not too serious.”

“Even so, he will be transferred … to another hospital room tomorrow morning,” Ohn Tun said.

“Win Tin has a history of a heart attack, which had since been managed with a pacemaker … which needs to be checked every year. Recently, his heart condition had improved a little so he hadn’t required its use. More recently however he had complained frequently of fatigue,” his friend said.

Yesterday, Win Tin was suffering from a serious cough, so he was checked by some doctors who are his neighbours, Ohn Tun said.

“The doctors dared not risk diagnosing him because they are not specialists [so Win Tin went to hospital]. He had been coughing all night,” Ohn Tun added.

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