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Mizzima marches forward

was born out of a democratic struggle, and has been fighting for press freedom for over 15 years. It takes an historic step forward by publishing the Mizzima Daily newspaper which came hot off the press for the first time on Friday, May 24, 2013.

Democracy and a free press are heads and tails of the same coin. They are integral to the development of the nation. That’s why Mizzima is satisfied with its role in struggling for media freedom as part and parcel of a great step forward in the history of our beloved country.

Publishing a daily paper is not an easy task, especially in a developing country which is at an embryonic stage in the transformation to democracy. We are able to undertake this herculean task because of the great efforts and synergy of our reporters, editors and other staff members who sacrifice so much for this publication with limited financial resources.

We have seen many changes on the pages of our websites since our inception 15 years ago. Over the next 15 years we expect many more.

We hope to hand over a brighter future and better socio-economic conditions to the next generation. Mizzima’s role in this effort is to help shape that future by publishing and shaping a daily newspaper that offers Myanmar readers comprehensive news reportage, striking images, balanced editorials, and in-depth opinion and feature stories.

You can continue to read these articles and more on our existing websites: and in English. We also offer smart phone platforms.

After a dark era, we are on the threshold of a new beginning in Myanmar. We stride into this brave new world with confidence, but with an ear to the ground and a finger on the pulse of this great nation. We welcome—in fact, we demand—criticism and feedback from our readers. Together we face each day, and together we strive for a better tomorrow.

We launch our new daily newspaper on an auspicious day: under the full moon of Kasone, May 24. We kick off with a view to serving the public for a great many more days to come.
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