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Human security is national security

Burma-Army-black-s(Editorial) – Burma is a national security state. The lens of national security colours virtually every decision of government.
Last Updated ( Friday, 24 June 2011 12:50 )

Is the president too timid?

thein-sein-visits-china11s(Editorial) – With his country on fire, what does newly elected Burmese President Thein Sein do? He retreats to the farm.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 22 June 2011 18:07 )

Responsible Burmese media must prepare for new challenges

newspaper-s1(Editorial) Rather than expecting greater freedom for the media in Burma, the media should prepare to face new challenges from ...

The challenges facing Burma’s new government

than-shwe-influence-s(Editorial) The final, 7th step of the Burmese junta’s so-called roadmap to democracy has been completed with the handing over of power to ...
Last Updated ( Monday, 04 April 2011 20:07 )

Burma’s new budget: more of the same

(Editorial) For the first time in more than a decade, there’s been a little more comment and criticism, inside and outside Burma, ...

Don’t worry about AFTA: get your house in order

(Editorial) Businesses across Southeast Asia are preparing for the challenges presented by the  Asean Free Trade Agreement. In the case of Burma, ...

Panglong II requires further touches, military on board

Kalaymyo-junction-s(Editorial) The Zomi National Congress on October 24 launched an appeal in its Kalaymyo Declaration for the convening of ...
Last Updated ( Monday, 27 December 2010 23:42 )

A call for peace

usdp-signboard-election-s(Editorial) Whether in central-government-dominated reaches of Kachin State, such as the capital of Myitkyina, or in regions under Kachin Independence ...
Last Updated ( Monday, 29 November 2010 04:09 )

New plan needed for long-term benefit

The release of democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi from house arrest was an auspicious moment. While her release may provide a headache for the the junta, ...
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 17 November 2010 14:45 )

Will democratic and ethnic parties forge bloc with NUP?

nup(Editorial) Despite greatly diminished public interest in the upcoming general election compared to the fervour 20 years ago, the competitiveness of political parties ...
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The Kachin’s last stand
Since October this year, Burma has been in a state of civil war, with fighting between Burmese military and armed ethnic rebels. The ruling junta started a crackdown on these armed groups.

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