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Minimum salary bill to be submitted to Burmese Parliament

A bill to set a minimum salary and benefits for private sector employees will be submitted to the upcoming Parliament on July 4, according to a Parliament official.

Burmese workers in the garment industry in Rangoon are among those who have gone on strike for higher wages. Photo: myanmargarment.netDuring the recent strikes in the garment industry in Rangoon, a minimum wage and salary was drafted by the Ministry of Labour, the officials told Eleven Media Group last week. Their recommendtion formed the basis for the settlement of several strikes, when its salary recommendations were accepted by workers and employers. 

The minimum salary for workers in industrial zones was temporarily set at 56,700 kyat (about US$ 65) per month after the strikes.

“We received a bill stipulating the minimum salary and benefits for private sector employees drafted by the Ministry of Labor on 18 June,” the official was quoted as saying. “We are distributing the bill to the Hluttaw [Parliament] representatives so that they can study it for deliberation.”

In his nationwide television address this week, President Thein Sein told the country that the government is required to create jobs that pay sufficient salaries to the people.

A garment worker in the Industrial Zone said that some workers have received a salary of around 30,000 kyat, not including overtime.

An estimated 32 per cent of the Burmese population lives in poverty and Burma is the poorest country in Southeast Asia, according to the CIA Factbook. The average monthly salary is about $30.

The business climate is widely perceived as opaque, corrupt, and highly inefficient, it said, but recent reforms are revising the financial and business sectors. Wealth from the country's ample natural resources is concentrated in the hands of an elite group of military leaders and business associates, it said.
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