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  • One village's cry for help

    Man Tat, a Palaung village in Burma's northern Kachin State and less than 100 kilometers from the Chinese border, was once a peaceful place left largely to its own. Now, with the construction of a 600 megawatt dam across Man Tat's lifeline, the Shwel...
  • Activists protest outside Burmese embassy over sealing of monastery

    Each harsh action of the Burmese military junta against the monks and the people is drawing brickbats outside the country. Agitated Burmese people in Thailand staged a protest in front of Burmese embassy in Bangkok on Sunday morning against the seali...
  • Media Body Supports Burmese Cause

    Guwahati - The Journalists' Forum, Assam on Thursday urged the Government of India to mount diplomatic pressure on the Burmese military junta to refrain from resorting ...
  • Exploring Ethnic Diversity in Burma

    "Whatever the part played by colonial and post-colonial history and politics, it is a fact that now ethnicity matters," writes Sandra Dudley, in a view that is reiterated throughout this edited volume. And to this end, and referring to a 50 million strong...
  • Situation worsening for detained activists

    The Burmese military junta's dilatory tactics has worsened the situation of detained political activists in Burma's notorious Insein prison. The junta is delaying the legal procedure to charge and put them on trial, family members and activists said. ...

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